We assist Academic and Pharmaceutical Organisations with the following services:

Academic Researchers

Research Planning


A critical component of any research study is the research question. We provide you with practical advice on how to optimise your question so you get the right answers.

Research Design

We can assist you in designing your research study to answer your important question. We can offer you a variety of options to suit your requirements.


Evidence-based medicine method (meta-analysis): We have conducted and published a large number of meta-analyses. Our aim is to provide you with the best approach to your question.

Surveys / Question-naires

Developing and designing surveys and research questionnaires: We have extensive experience in designing surveys and questionnaires for small clinical studies or for large community-based projects.

Logistical Issues

We can assist you to explore logistical issues associated with undertaking your research. 

Medical Statistics

We can conduct many different types of statistical analysis for all sorts of research studies. We can analyse all types of research studies, whether they are small or large in scale.

Data Analysis


We can determine your optimal sample size to conduct your research study.

Cluster Analysis

We can identify patternsrelated to diseases including cancers.


Quality assessment of studies: We can provide guidance on how to undertake quality assessment of studies and provide you with the right tools.


Peer review papers & Books

Assistance with writing/editing manuscripts: We offer editorial services to improve your manuscript for publication.


Advice on the optimal selection of journals for publishing manuscripts: With literally thousands of journals to choose from, selecting the right journal for your research can be difficult. We can assist you in selecting the best possible journal for your research.